Antoine Winfield Jr. matching Super Bowl fine with charity donation

The NFL fined Buccaneers safety Antoine Winfield Jr. for flashing Tyreek Hill‘s signature peace sign in the receiver’s face in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LV.

Winfield said afterward that he gladly would pay any fine, which ended up being $7,815.

Winfield now is turning the fine into philanthropy by giving a matching amount to the Buccaneers Youth Leadership Program, which entails players and staff members serving as mentors for 25 students at a middle school in Tampa.

The program was launched as part of the team’s Social Justice Initiative.

“Since [the fine] got a lot of media attention, it was out there, and I wanted to just spin it in a way to make it positive,” Winfield told the team’s official website, “and what better way than to give back to the youth leadership program that I did all year? That was kind of how that kind of came about, because I was thinking of different things I could do. I spent the whole year with the kids and talking to them and everything, so I feel like that was a good opportunity to go with those guys.”

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Social Justice Fund will match Winfield’s $7,815 donation for a total contribution of $15,630 to the school.