the price of hate

The Price of Hate

by • October 19, 2012 • Blog, How We See It, PrideComments (0)

I am an uncle, brother, nephew, and cousin. I am a boss, a friend, a partner, a neighbor and an American. I am Jewish. I am gay. I am not defined by any single one of these attributes, but by a combination of them all. I was not conceived in a test tube or reared in a lab: I am the product of two loving, caring heterosexual parents in a home where teaching and observing the core values of the Judeo-Christain ethic was a guiding principal.

Personally, I find the now excessive diatribes the left is spewing about the Chic-fil-a’s President’s beliefs today is as distasteful (no pun intended) as the rights’ virulent clap-trap following the Disney Company’s announcement that it was offering benefits to partners of gay employees in 1995. This becomes a personnel and personal issue and we lose focus of what this really is, a human one.

Hateful rhetoric can incite violence & that is NEVER the answer – look at the four students who were killed in the Kent State Massacre on May 4th, 1970, or the 6 million Jews and 6 million others who died at the hands of Hilter. If this was Nazi Germany, I would have been one of them.

So now it’s Chic-fil-a V. Liberals, Left V. Right and Democrats V. Republicans V. Tea Party in an election seemingly built as much on hating the opposition as the belief in the causes of the candidate they are backing.

Funny thing, back at home and reinforced in Sunday School, I was taught that when it comes to beliefs, the most important thing to believe in was G-d. Somewhere along the line, we all seem to have forgotten that for the vast majority of us, we ALL have that in common.

My name is Harlan Yaffe, and I approve this message.

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