Is That a Chupa in your Pocket or….

by • April 15, 2012 • Faith, Pride, Verbal SnapshotsComments (0)

A picture of something you want to do before you die.

Sign the ketuba (marriage contract) & break the glass at my wedding.

Though it has not happened yet, “yet” is the operative word.

While true, I will not be standing under the chupa (marriage canopy) with anyone in a white dress, I hold a pretty traditional view of what my commitment ceremony will look like complete with a Rabbi, chop liver and the last picture in the wedding album being the silhouette of three tantas (aunts) hobbling into the sunset – schlepping home centerpieces taller then they are.

While this began as a personal declaration, I realize this is also political statement, intended or not. It gives me hope when influential Conservative leaders such as Rabbis Bradley Artson and Elliot Dorff, openly challenge the status quo interpretation of Jewish law and call for support of civil and Jewish same-sex marriage. It is not, however, religious, legal or societal “blessing” I am seeking.

I can think of nothing more powerful then standing in front of those friends and family you care for most of all, and declaring the love you are giving – and receiving in return. No two souls should ever be denied the chance to experience that, regardless of the genitalia attached.

Stay tuned folks, this chapter ain’t finished yet!

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