Family: Who Makes Life Worth Living

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A picture of yourself and those you could never imagine your life without.

Aunt Saundra & Uncle Howard Yaffe & Aunt Barbara Jo Levine Appel

Uncle Howard was the second oldest, and my father, Marvin, the youngest, of the 5 Yaffe brothers: Leon, Howard, Seymour, Stanley & Marvin.

My Uncle Howard has outlived all of his brothers by 32 years and counting: he is the tender to the flame, the holder of my roots, and along with his devoted wife, my Aunt Saundra, embody the collective consciousness of a proud family whose last name we share. What is a Yaffe Visit? (7 mins start to finish, check on the health, the family and out the door) Where do Yaffe men gravitate to when choosing a home? (the water). They have made sure I know these things too.

While my father was one of 5 boys, my mother was one of three girls; Marcia, Zandra (my mom) and Barbara. It is now the former baby of her family, Aunt Barb, who time and fate has propelled to be the matriarch of the maternal (Levine) side of my family, preserving the mantle of the past into the present. Where did Uncle Hy work? (Leo Marks’ Jewelers). Who has hep and ‘sa-mok’d?” (Grandma Ginsburg). My Aunt Beej remembers too!

To Uncle Howard & Aunt Saundra Yaffe and Aunt Barbara Levine Appel, you are more then just family, more then just Aunts and an Uncle, you are the gatekeepers of my legacy. I pray we have many, m-a-n-y more years to add to these memories.

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