Call Your Zeyde!

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Schlep Labs – a campaign created by the Jewish Council for Education and Research (JCER) is know for its viral video creations that pop up around election time. Remember Sarah Silverman’s “The Great Schlep” video of ’08?

In this latest project, Call Your Zeyde, musician Michelle Citrin has some heated political discussions with her Bubbie and Zeyde – who are just schvitzing at the thought of going to the polls.

And just who is JCER? They’re the Super PAC behind the most buzzed-about viral videos of this campaign—and the same guys responsible for “The Great Schlep,” Silverman’s 2008 appeal to young Jews to go down to Florida and convince their grandparents to vote for Barack Obama.

The organization, run by Mik Moore, 38 years old, and Ari Wallach, 36, insists that the star-studded pro-Obama videos are more than a gimmick. “There’s substance in everything we do,” Moore told me. “But how can we reach people and make them want to share it? One way is using humor, and one element is profanity.”

But do video shares translate to anything other than laughs? “It’s hard to go into the election and see what caused what,” Moore said. But Wallach sees their campaigns as part of a larger shift in political advocacy. “Not everyone is going to become a door knocker for Obama,” he said. “The other 90 percent still want to engage and be part of the process.” The more strategy-focused of the pair, Wallach insisted that JCER’s videos provide an opportunity for those progressive Jews who aren’t going door to door. “Our videos are meant to spark conversation between people, to ask important questions,” he said. “There are ways of engaging Jews that aren’t all or nothing.”

Since the election, along with this post is over, what are you waiting for? Call You Zeyde!

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