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“Spirit Day was started in 2010 to bring to the national stage the problem of suicide amongst LGBT teens and one of the leading causes of those escalating numbers, bullying.

To every child isolated by the so fear of even the possibility of kicked out of their homes or losing the love of their family, seeing an “It’s Gets Better Video” made by the sitting President, hearing the leader of the free world look into the camera and say proudly “You are not alone, there are people out there who love you and care about you just the way you are” could very well give them just enough hope to find the shadow of their own self-worth and survive one more day. To this adult, it made me weep; President Obama helped heal the wounds of a kid who grew up bullied in the days of Nixon, Ford and Carter.

Political, moral, religious or ethical differences are always raw, especially during this vitriolic election cycle. If the visitation rights of LGBT patients in all hospital’s receiving Medicare or Medicaid funds that President enacted were stripped away, does humanity benefit at all if a sick or injured gay man or woman dies alone because their partner, not legally recognized as family, is barred from a final good bye?

A bullied child is not concerned which party a President comes from, they only know how it feels when someone from the highest office in the land, the one person who out-ranks all of the homophobes and bullies in the universe, says they matter. While I am proud to support our President and his championing of LGBT causes, I would be just as emboldened to see the support from the other side of the aisle, if it was there

The political stakes have never been higher in this election, nor are the human ones on much broader stage for all Americans. As a gay man, I am fearful for the erosion of the civil rights that have been such a struggle to achieve. As an uncle, if I was not consulted before my niece went from a little girl to a young lady (I would have opted for an age of about 34, not 14) then no one with a penis is in any position to legislate what my niece, or any woman, does with her body.

Early voting has started here in Florida and in many other states. Election Day is November 6, 2012. Decisions are only made by one group of people: those who show up.

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