A True Patriot

by • October 18, 2013 • Heroes, Recent Posts, Shabbat Shalom, VideoComments (0)

Serving in his forth tour of duty in Afghanistan, Cincinnati native Cpl. Joshua Hargis, 24 was seriously injured on October 6, 2013, following the detonation of a suicide bomb that killer four troops and and wounded a dozen others.

After four emergency surgeries, Josh’s wounds were dressed, he was placed on a breathing tube and presumed unconscious when his Commanding Officer pinned a Purple Heart on his blanket. Fighting doctors & tubes, he extracted his bandaged arm and forced his mangled hand into what has been called “the salute seen around the world,” as fifty plus military men in the room at the time began to openly weep at such a demonstration of courage and honor.

With our Messiah’s of Madness talking about “the good fight” and congratulating each other for doing what they were elected to do in the first place, how fitting to end the week with a display of what a true patriot really looks like.

Shabbat Shalom

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